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Based on the SK2 ONE DESIGN platform you will soon have the possibility to chose from a selection of custom options to suit your needs/wishes.

Within the options you would be able to choose from hull colours, fore deck colour, add storage compartments, rigging upgrades, telescopic tiller extension, trapeze set up, coloured keel, Dacron sails, top mast asymmetric spi optimized for deep angles, non furling jib, A Zero sail, composite teak deck on cockpit floor, stanchions and lumbar support webbing rail, wider range of electronic equipment with customized mast brackets, transom extension to meet Minimum ORC hull lengths requirements, etc.

Additionally there will be a number of pre-made sets of equipment packages to suit different clients and functions:

  • SK2 OD
  • SK2 Club
  • SK2¬†Grand Prix, Lake.

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